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Hi everyone. This is my new blog. As most of other blogs, I will write about subjects I am passionate about. Currently includes physics, math, software and licenses, education, and my concerns on some laws. At the moment of writing this, professionally I am a grad student in physics trying to learn physics and how to do research, I also consider myself a math enthusiast and an okay teacher among some other things. rown.org is my webpage where this blog is a sub-domain of. This blog, hopefully, will be much more informal than a webpage. I think it will take couple of years before I find my voice.

A subject that I am passionate about and will write about soon is free software. I use free software defined gnu.org/philosophy/free-sw.html. I will write about it later. I also invite others to do the same. Remotely related, I have also problems with the copyright law and I think we must change it substantially. I will try to write about this in more detail, but in few words, I think, popularity shortage of the appropriate economical models to support authors and artists, is making some people believe that sharing these works is really an unjust thing to do and should be illegal as mostly they are. Some profit-blinded publishers and sellers are happy about this, and they actually try to push this. They try to make sharing (non-commercial redistribution of exact copies) less and less acceptable or legal, specially by calling it “piracy”.

Another similar subject, which I talk about often with friends, is the inefficiency of our educational system. This is a meaningful point in the context of our world wide web technology, I mean internet. There are people seriously thinking and working on this subject. See edX as an example. But I will try to reinvent some of the wheels, and maybe they might be able to roll smoother. Of course, I can only sketch the ideas, mostly by waving my hands on the air, as I only know a little physics and I cannot do this by myself. The educational works, like any software (computer program), are there to do a job, so similarly they should be free and I don’t mean gratis. Free to be used, shared, modified, and redistributed. These days I am trying to learn to make videos for my students. I am also learning just a little website design so that I can upload all the work with links on the main web page rown.org.
Other than general education, I also have some concerns about theoretical physics education in graduate schools and I think there are ways to change it for better. I prefer the way PI works on physics education, compared to others.

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