Hi there. This blog is hosted by me, Roshan Tourani. I am a physics grad student, currently learning mathematical physics, doing research on theoretical condensed matter physics, and teaching basic physics. I enjoy doing or learning about physics, math, free (as in freedom) software, free (as in freedom) education, computer science, neuroscience, graphics and fonts, painting, math-related puzzles/magic tricks, mechanical keyboards, carpentry, swimming, scuba diving, sailing, and juggling. Naturally, the things that might appear in this blog will be related to the matters listed.

You can use LaTeX code to write your math in the comments. You can use $\$$your latex code$\$$ for inline, and $\$\$$your latex code$\$\$$ for display. To number the formulas you can use the \tag command, like $\$\$$your latex code \tag{your number}$\$\$$. If you need more advanced options check this page in MathJax Documentation. If you are curious, I am using “Simple Mathjax” plugin in WordPress.

The feed address is, http://blog.rown.org/feed/
You can contact me through .

An explanation of the web pages I administer,
http://rown.org is the main domain. In a sense it acts like a map. I need to learn more styling though. It has four html files, home.html, research.html, teaching.html, and popularizing.html.
http://blog.rown.org is this blog I am writing. Right now I am focused on one post per month.
http://forum.rown.org is a forum environment for the students in our classes.