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These posts include either educational notes in physics or my research notes in physics that I do.

1. Screencasting & Videos for Education/Research

In this post, I will write about how I am doing screencasting and why I am doing it. You can download this example or get it from youtube. Also, check out the thoughts I have related to using videos in education and research.


As I listed in the ‘Popularizing’ section in my webpage, there are quite a few people working professionally on popularizing science. Those are good examples of using video format instead of written format to communicate scientific ideas. During the history of human kind, the way knowledge transmitted was the oral way and not the written way. It has been a few thousand years that we have notations to write with, and communicate the knowledge. Finally, we have the equipment to talk again, instead of writing. And this time to all the people on earth. This post talks about one of the most simple and cheapest ways to make videos. It is called screencasting, which means recording your screen, possibly with your voice over it.
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